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Fielding Edlow is a writer, performer and stand-up comedian based in Los Angeles whom Variety calls “a gifted scripter with virtuoso material.” She was recently named one of the “six funniest women in Los Angeles right now” (Pure Wow). Her debut half-hour special Can’t Say Slut is now streaming on Amazon Prime (Comedy Dynamics). Past credits include: ‘Roxie’ on Bojack Horseman, Behind the Candelabra, Get Shorty and she almost got a lap dance from Channing Tatum in Magic Mike (but was cockblocked by her pregnancy). Her solo show, Coke-Free J.A.P. , was performed in the NYC Fringe Festival (Backstage’s “Best of Fringe award”) and then had a four-month, sold-out run in LA at the McCadden Theatre and was subsequently developed as a half-hour comedy pilot at Showtime. She is the creator and star of the award-winning web series Bitter Homes and Gardens and is currently developing the half-hour pilot for cable. Her latest solo work Gaslighting is My Love Language will premiere Summer 2023. She is a native New Yorker.

Can't Say Sl*t

Fielding Edlow has fought her way across the dystopian hellscape of LA to say the unspeakable about her husband, her "friends" & her 7 year-old "nightmare".

If we can't say sl*t anymore, what are we supposed to call it, the "friendly years"?

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Bitter Homes and Gardens

Bitter Homes and Gardens is an award-winning web series (best comedy in NY Film Festival) starring Fielding Edlow (Bojack Horseman) and Larry Clarke (Twin Peaks). It is about a narcissistic, desperately ambitious, completely unfiltered couple who are both trying to “win the relationship.” Fielding is an up-and-coming podcaster with negative subscribers and Larry is a balding, middle-aged character actor who owns three pairs of crocs and calls her “kiddo.” They are a filthy Nichols and May and “they don’t spar like prizefighters cause they’ve already taken the gloves off.” They are one dead cat away from divorce and their primary love language is long term creative gaslighting. Fielding is gunning for an “open marriage” when Larry hits 50 (but just for her). Other characters include their eccentric estate lawyer (Dave Koechner), their sagacious couples therapist (John Michael Higgins), and their owl-beating Q-Anon neighbor (Billy Gardell)

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